Conference Topics


Conference Topics

Themes and suggested Topics

  • Surface Preparation and Pretreatments.
  • Automotive Paint Formulation. (primers & primer-surfacers and top coats (base coats & clear coats)).
  • Application Techniques (ESTA, Air Atomized Spray,…).
  • Laboratory and Field Tests.
  • Formulation of Waterborne, Solventborne, High Solids, Radiation Curing, Powder Coatings and Hybrid Systems.
  • Paints for Plastic Parts (Non-Metals).
  • Nanotechnology in Automotive Paints & Coatings.
  • Automotive Refinish Paints & Coatings.
  • Technology Licensing Models.
  • Testing & Analysis Methods and Equipments.
  • Color Control and Appearance in Automotive Coatings.
  • Automotive Paint Defects& Remedies.
  • Legislation, Regulation and Environmental Issues.
  • Current Coating Projects and Innovative Process Technologies.
  • Outsourcing and Cost Per Unit Concepts In Automotive Paint Shops
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